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Artificial Intelligence Tech!

Because you need interactive results, we offer you the most exhaustive analysis with the most intuitive and visual understanding of your data. In short, we take care of ALL your data, testing multiple dimensions to one problem or question you have while taking into account the effects of all variables included in your dataset. Outliers will never be missed but visualized and explained. Let’s us drive you to YOUR own understanding. Click here to learn more on how bioptimize uses Intuitive Data mining to help you get the most of your data.


Mimicking Mother Nature

Genetic algorithms are the latest toolset to revolutionize the field of Artificial Intelligence by mimicking the process of natural evolution that will TRANSFORM & OPTIMIZE your Data. Mixing Association Rules with Genetic Algorithms and Pure Logic, bioptimize is the first company with a unique “savoir faire” who will rule this revolution in Datamining, allowing you to find unprecedented optimizations and solutions to questions that may arise from your dataset. Click here to learn more about our unique methodology and our complete and exhaustive specialized solutions.


Best predict the living!

Our core expertize is to help you build models to best predict the probability of the results you are testing your dataset for. A complete Data mining analysis allows finding all bias and subgroups of possible model(s) from your data.

A specific database of  fragments is designed for the best molecular description of active molecules and a new revolutionary solution based on 3D matrices is used.

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