About us

reimsWith new Genetic Algorithms that can detect ALL hidden Drug Side Effects & High Risk HIDDEN subgroups of Population bad or good Drug/Product responder,  bioptimize did a breakthrough in Big Data Science, a solution used today by many large Pharmaceutical, Cosmetical and Agrochemical Groups that trust us. Laureate of the French senate competition “Tremplin Entreprises 2013” and the NETVA competition, bioptimize represented the french biotechnology in 2013 in the USA. Founded in Reims in 2011 by Nathalie Jourdan and Dominique Salloum, bioptimize is dedicated to scientific datamining applying the latest technologies to datasets to drive scientists to their own conclusions. Our core competencies include new genetic algorithms technology, multivariate analysis, logic rules, and Artificial Intelligence. Our aim is to deliver intuitive and visual results that you can instantly use as an easy way to figure out the knowledge that can be extracted from your data. bioptimize is a first-prize laureate of the Réseau Entreprendre® Champagne-Ardenne (Innotech 2012). bioptimize has been incubated by CARINNA (Champagne-Ardennes Regional incubator) since april 2012. bioptimize will create a subsidiary in Boston in 2014.

Meet the team and the dedicated scientific advisors behind the logic ! 

Nathalie JourdanWith a curriculum the size of Texas and statistical gusto to share, Nathalie Jourdan is the brains behind the bioptimize experience. Blending applied mathematics with chemistry and biophysics, her experiences range from prestigious research jobs to well respected counsel constituencies with leaders of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Domnique SalloumDominique is an alumni of France’s prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure. Acting as CEO of bioptimize. Holder of director’s governmental diploma of state institutions, he is in charge of the Intellectual Property and the day to day manager of everything bioptimize.

Alexander TropshaAlexander Tropsha, PhD

Associate Dean for Research and K.H. Lee Distinguished Professor Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products Adjunct Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering Adjunct Professor, Department of Computer Science Member, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center CB # 7568 Beard Hall UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC 27599. Alexander Tropsha is one of the world top 10 expert in Predictive Modeling (QSAR, QSPR, QNAR).


Han Van De WaterbeemdHan Van De Waterbeemd, PhD

Consultant for Small Molecule Drug Discovery and Training for Computational in Silico Predictive Chemistry, ADMET & PhysChem. Previous Roche, Pfizer and AstraZeneca. Published ca 150 papers and (co-)edited 14 books. Han Van De Waterbeemd is one of the world top 10 expert in ADME Tox