What is datamining ?

Data mining (the advanced analysis step of the “Knowledge Discovery in Databases” process, or KDD), an interdisciplinary subfield of computer science, is the computational process of discovering patterns in large data sets involving methods at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics and database systems. The overall goal of the data mining process is to extract information from a data set and transform it into an understandable structure for further use. Aside from the raw analysis step, it involves database and data management aspects, data processing, model and inference considerations, interestingness metrics  , complexity considerations, post-processing of discovered structures, visualization and online updating. (Source Wikipedia)

What is predictive modelling ?

Predictive modelling is the process by which a model is created or chosen to try to best predict the probability of an outcome. In many cases the model is chosen on the basis of detection theory to try to guess the probability of an outcome given a set amount of input data, for example given an email determining how likely that it is spam. Models can use one or more classifiers in trying to determine the probability of a set of data belonging to another set, say spam or ‘ham’. (Source Wikipedia)

What is multivariate analysis ?

 Multivariate statistics is a form of statistics encompassing the simultaneous observation and analysis of more than one outcome variable. The application of multivariate statistics is multivariate analysis. Methods of bivariate statistics, for example simple linear regression and correlation, are NOT special cases of multivariate statistics because only one outcome variable is involved.[clarification needed] Multivariate statistics concerns understanding the different aims and background of each of the different forms of multivariate analysis, and how they relate to each other. The practical implementation of multivariate statistics to a particular problem may involve several types of univariate and multivariate analysis in order to understand the relationships between variables and their relevance to the actual problem being studied. In addition, multivariate statistics is concerned with multivariate probability distributions, in terms of both: how these can be used to represent the distributions of observed data; how they can be used as part of statistical inference, particularly where several different quantities are of interest to the same analysis. (Source Wikipedia)

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